Why file a wildfire lawsuit against PG&E?

If I have insurance, why do I need to file a wildfire lawsuit against PG&E?

Many wildfire victims think that since they have insurance they do not need to file a lawsuit to recover their losses. While it may be true that you are well covered, and your insurance company may be fully cooperating and meeting your needs during this time, many fire victims unfortunately find out that their insurance does not even come close to providing enough money to rebuild or restore what was destroyed by the fire and subsequent erosion.

A wildfire lawsuit will seek financial recovery from PG&E
for losses your insurance company does not cover.

  • Family members who have lost loved ones to the fire: If you lost a loved one to the Camp Fire, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit against PG&E.
  • Property damage and personal property losses: Even if you have insurance, your policy limits are likely lower than the amount it would cost to restore all of the property you owned, personal property losses, additional structures you may have had on your property, and what it will cost to rebuild your home. A lawsuit against PG&E will seek to cover the gap between what your insurance pays and the full cost of making you whole. 
  • The trauma of evacuating from a wildfire: Your insurance policy does not cover the emotional distress you suffered from escaping from your home and seeking refuge from a life-threatening situation.
  • Loss of income: Any income you lost due to the Camp Fire will be a part of your recovery claim against PG&E. Loss of income is for business owners and all employees who have lost income as a result of the Camp Fire.
  • Displacement: While this word is a gross understatement for what you are experiencing, it is a legal term used in wildfire lawsuits to describe the experience of having to scramble to find a place to live, alter your life to accommodate wildfire restoration workers, drive additional hours to and from work, and witness the complete devastation of your community on a daily basis. Although you may be reimbursed for the expenses you incurred at a hotel or other lodging while displaced from your home, you will likely not receive financial compensation for having to completely alter your life for the months and possibly even years following the loss of your home and community.
  • Personal injuries: If you suffered injuries from the Camp Fire, this, too, will be part of your claim against PG&E.
  • Cherished belongings: While you will undoubtedly fill out countless inventory sheets to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company, most policies do not provide coverage to restore your loss of cherished items that do not have an appraisal or financial worth. Great Grandpa's bible that contained the family's birth and marriage records, Uncle Joe's prized baseball collection, and Grandma's hand-sewn quilt are examples of priceless belongings that held special meaning in your life. An experienced wildfire lawyer will include items like these and seek the maximum recovery for your claim.
  • Trees and vegetation: You may have spent weeks planting a vegetable garden and shade trees, or you may have paid a lot of money to enjoy beautiful landscaping around your home. Typical home insurance policies, however, do not cover landscaping, trees, family gardens and other vegetation destroyed by a wildfire.
  • Loss of enjoyment: You likely spent a lot of time choosing just the right location for your home. You probably spent many evenings enjoying the gorgeous view from your deck, or mornings on the patio drinking coffee and watching the birds and squirrels go through their morning routine. Whatever it was you loved about your home's environment, this experience has now been severely altered, and this too is something your insurance policy will not cover.

Whether or not you have insurance, and whether or not you own your home,
an experienced wildfire lawyer can help you put the pieces of your life back together. 

Who needs the help of a wildfire lawyer?

  • Family members who have lost a loved one in the fire. 
  • Anyone who suffered injuries during the fire.
  • Homeowners who suffered fire damage.
  • Landowners who suffered property damage.
  • Business owners who were impacted in any way.
  • Renters who lost belongings or suffered fire damage.
  • Anyone who was forced to flee the fires.

Why does a fire victim need a lawyer now?

If the fire victim has insurance:

  • A lawyer will help a person put his or her best foot forward in making his or her insurance claim.
  • Insurance only covers a small part of the losses.
  • Insurance companies often under value their policy holders' claims.
  • Most losses will be recovered from PG&E.

If the fire victim does not have insurance:

  • All of the losses will need to be recovered from PG&E.

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