J.L. & L.L., Mokelumne Hill, CA

"Never have we experienced a law group, and the individuals who work there, so interested in putting you first and making you feel like a caring family. Their communication throughout the process was excellent, phone calls, personal meetings, text messages and e-mails keeping us 'in the loop'. The end result for us, was truly amazing, and we felt we made lifelong friends."

D.L., Mountain Ranch, CA

"Your office staff as well as Eric treated us so gently and kind. Everyone we came into contact with was very encouraging and efficient, which I might add as a former professional myself, I know how working with real people in crisis is challenging.  I cannot adequately describe my appreciation."

D.G., Sacramento, CA

"I was very pleased to see the care that they took to understand our situation. For the first time ever, I have a positive thing to say about the legal profession!"

M.S., Sacramento, CA

"We were always treated with respect, and every question we presented was handled efficiently and thoroughly. I would recommend them to anyone I know with the confidence that they will handle any person, any case, any problem with the professionalism and concern that they did ours.”  

D.T., Mountain Ranch, CA

“They did a very fine job, leading to a substantial legal settlement.”

F.H., Fallbrook, CA

“Every other attorney simply wanted to settle the case with the insurance company as quickly as possible, but Mr. Jackson didn’t back down and filed a lawsuit for me. The settlement I received was more than I ever thought I could get. I appreciate how much respect everyone at the office treated me with throughout the process.

Success Stories

$5.1 Million Recovery


$5.1 million for a family who lost their home and farm to a preventable wildfire in Northern California.

$4.75 Million Recovery


$4.75 million for a family who lost the home they hand-built to a preventable wildfire in Northern California.

$1.75 Million


$1,750,000 recovery to a family who lost their home and ornamental garden to a preventable wildfire in Northern California.