North Bay Fires / Wine Country Wildfire


2017 North Bay Wildfire Damage

At the peak of the Wine Country Fires in 2017, there were 21 major wildfires burning out of control. A total of 13 fires burned more than 245,000 acres and evacuated 100,000 residents from the area. The fires destroyed 8,400 structures and took the lives of 44 people.

The North Bay fires left behind unimaginable ruin. Acres of land and neighborhoods, homes, businesses and wineries burned to the ground. Wine country fires caused an estimated $9 billion in insurance claims, which include:

  • 5,747 total losses of residential properties 
  • 15,359 partial losses of residential properties
  • 2,814 commercial property claims, which include 997 total losses 
  • 6,101 private and commercial vehicles
  • 788 losses that involve other types of insurance, such as agricultural equipment and watercraft

Sonoma County Wildfire Losses

Sonoma County got hit the hardest of all the North Bay regions, with the Tubbs Fire, Nuns Fire, Pocket Fire and 37 Fire destroying over 6,600 structures, including 5,130 homes, and claiming the lives of 23 residents. Insurance claims resulted in nearly $7.49 billion in losses, which include: 

  • $6.9 billion in claims by 14,686 policy holders of residential personal properties, including 4,785 for total losses.
  • 480 million in claims for commercial properties.
  • $70 million in claims for vehicles.

One of the largest among the blazes was the Tubbs Fire, which made headlines as the most destructive fire in California wildfire history. The Tubbs Fire alone destroyed approximately 5,500 structures.

Napa County Wildfire Losses

In Napa County, the Atlas Fire, Nuns Fire and Tubbs Fire accounted for $1.27 billion in losses for insurance claims, which include:

  • nearly 2,500 claims, with $1.1 billion for residential properties, involving 447 for total losses.

Mendocino County

In Mendocino County, the Redwood Valley Complex Fire destroyed over 36,000 acres and 545 structures. Insurance claims have reached $182 million so far. 

Lake County

In Lake County, the Sulphur Fire burned over 2200 acres and destroyed 150 structures. 

North Bay Wildfire Lawyers Helping to Restore California's Wine Country

Working with a California wildfire loss attorney after the loss of a home or business can help you maximize settlements from insurance companies and potentially hold the negligent party liable for damages.

CalFire reports have already determined that Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)’s negligence caused 12 of the Wine Country Wildfires. Homeowners and government agencies have already filed numerous lawsuits against the utility company for their losses. 

The unfortunately reality many home and business owners now face is that they were underinsured and unable to recover enough money from their insurance policies to rebuild their home or business. Most insurance policies do not cover trees, gardens and cherished belongings that make up a huge part of the quality of life for so many wine country residents.

As a wildfire victim, you could be eligible to recover losses related to the 2017 North Bay Fires. A lawsuit could result in financial recovery for your property damage/loss, medical bills, lost wages, evacuation/displacement, and pain and suffering. 

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