Camp Fire Investigation

Sawmill Peak in Paradise, California

Camp Fire in Paradise, CA

The Camp Fire in Butte County has already been reported as one of California's 20-most deadly wildfires. It claimed five lives by Thursday afternoon and destroyed more than 70,000 acres by Friday.

The Camp Fire is named after its originating location, Camp Creek Road near Jarbo Gap. 

What caused the Paradise Fire?

According to the town's newspaper, Paradise Post, PG&E power lines that were blown down amid high winds may have caused the blaze. 

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that PG&E had informed state regulators Friday that a high-voltage power line near the area where the  Camp Fire started had experienced a problem just before the first flames appeared.

Town of Paradise Destroyed

The entire town of Paradise, which included a population of 27,000, was evacuated due to the fast moving fire. Within 24 hours, the fire consumed over 70,000 acres, including over 2,000 structures.

In total, almost 50,000 people were evacuated from their homes in Butte County due to the Camp Fire. Some residents fleeing the fire were trapped in their cars, some took refuge in creeks, and others barely made it out. 

Camp Fire Lawsuit Investigation

Our Northern California wildfire lawyers are currently investigating liability for this devastating fire. We remain in close contact with fire officials and employ experts to assess damages. If you have any information pertaining to the cause of this fire, please contact us immediately.

Our team has decades of collective experience handling wildfire cases and has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our wildfire clients. Our attorneys have spearheaded (and been appointed as lead trial counsel and/or on plaintiff’s liaison committee) some of the largest wildfire litigation in California, including:

  • The 2007 San Diego Wildfires (Rice/Witch-Guejito Fires);
  • The 2012 Wood Hollow Fire;
  • The 2015 Butte Fire; and
  • The 2016 Erskine Fire
  • The 2017 North Bay Fires.

If you are seeking aggressive representation in the wake of a preventable wildfire, schedule a consultation with one an attorney from our team today.

Financial Recovery Options

After a wildfire, many homeowners come to the unfortunate realization that their insurance policies will not come close to covering the full value of wildfire damages. Typical homeowners insurance policies do not offer 100% coverage for homes when they are totally destroyed by fire, especially if you live in a high-risk area for fire. In these areas, comprehensive coverage costs extra, and sometimes changing coverage can result in losing the policy altogether. In these circumstances, many homeowners are forced to stick with a policy that they know does not fully cover them in the event of a catastrophic wildfire.

As a wildfire victim, you could be eligible to bring or join a lawsuit against an entity that is responsible for causing the fire. A lawsuit could bring about financial recovery for your property damage/loss, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, which includes the "inconvenience" of being displaced from your home, or having to dwell in a home that may have survived yet is surrounded by wreckage and devastation for months and even years after the fire.

If you are currently discussing a claim with your insurance representative, don’t accept the insurance company’s first settlement offer without first talking to an attorney. It is more than likely not as much as your claim is actually worth. The company may overlook losses or underestimate their values. Working with an attorney often results in a much larger settlement offer than without one.

 Our attorneys DO NOT take any money from your insurance policy. We offer free insurance policy reviews to anyone affected by a preventable wildfire. If you join a lawsuit with our firm to recover money from the entity that was liable for the fire, we only charge a fee when we recover money from the responsible party on your behalf. You will not be charged any out of pocket expenses for our services. We do not file class action lawsuits. We represent individuals and businesses, each with their own unique and individual claim agains the responsible party. 

Recovery Options for Renters

Not only home and business owners suffer losses from preventable wildfires. Renters who were forced to evacuate, only to return to find all of their personal property destroyed, are also eligible to file for losses in a wildfire lawsuit.

Contact Us

If you were affected by the Camp Fire, contact us for a free and confidential consultation. We can help you navigate the recovery process with your insurance company with a free insurance policy review, and answer any questions you have about your options for recovery.

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